Hannah Joyce received her BFA with a concentration in photography from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA in 2012. Shortly after graduating she relocated to New Orleans, LA. While much of her work comes from her travels, she is ever inspired by the raw beauty of the American south.

How it Ends represents my daily battle with tension, personal anxieties and search for both growth and balance in my life.

These images float around in my head and ease the moments I am picking myself apart or feeling buried or suffocated by my own thoughts and fears. They simultaneously grow and change with me, physically and emotionally.

Using something delicate and fragile to tediously stitch into the prints not only allows me to recreate pieces of this comforting world that lives within me, but every stitch I sew allows me to let go and move forward and ultimately obtain a control of my unease.

Since 2012, she has been working on a multimedia project that incorporates her photographs and embroidery thread, directly stitching into the prints themselves.

Hannah's photographs have been showcased in the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans, Hammond Regional Arts Center, Where Y'Art Gallery, and the Skybox in Philadelphia, PA.